Worst Long-term care insurance

So, you want to know the worst insurance companies to get long-term care insurance from in 2023?

Suppose you are considering buying long-term care insurance (LTC). In that case, you need to know that most LTC insurance companies are not regulated and don’t have to tell you they have high medical expenses or don’t pay out on time.

Disability and chronic illness sufferers can use long-term care insurance as a safety net. But long-term care insurance can be expensive and difficult to qualify for. In addition, some companies are more expensive than others. This guide will give you an overview of the ten worst long-term care insurance companies for your money. 

Do you know what long-term care insurance is?

Long-term care insurance (LTC) is a form of life insurance that pays benefits if a person cannot live independently in their home, assisted living facility, nursing home, or any other residential setting.

LTCI typically includes coverage for nursing home costs, residential home costs, or both. Coverage can also be available for in-home assistance such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and home repair services. 

Ten worst Long-Term Care Insurance Companies in 2023?

State Farm

State Farm is the worst insurance company because they don’t care about customers. Instead, they want to sell their insurance policies and make money.

Their customer service could be better. State Farm has been investigated for fraudulent business practices, including auto insurance fraud.

New York Life

It’s also one of the worst and most expensive long-term care insurance companies, sometimes almost twice that of other companies offering long-term care insurance.

They have been doing poorly recently, primarily because of their high rates. New York Life Insurance policies have been around since 1859 and have received their fair share of criticism.

Genworth Financial

Genworth Financial is one of about ten insurance companies with limited coverage. For example, they don’t cover illnesses or injuries; their policies have shallow limits.

They only cover a maximum of $500,000, insufficient to pay for one significant medical expense. In addition, Genworth is known for its high cost of insurance, its questionable business practices, and poor customer service.


MassMutual is the worst insurance company because they make it difficult for its customers to file claims. Historically, the company has yet to pay claims or deny them promptly. But, with a lawyer, people can file claims.

Many companies have left the long-term care insurance market despite decreasing profits, finding traditional policies harder. 

AARP Long-Term Care Insurance

The AARP Long-Term Care Insurance plan is considered to be the worst Long-Term Care Insurance plan. In this case, it does not qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance because it does not meet the minimum requirements. 

The plan only covers a person’s health care expenses up to $1,000 per month. After that, the AARP Long-Term Care Insurance plan does not pay for anything.


The tactics used by Conseco are alarming. They provide long-term care policies primarily for the elderly, and delaying is critical to avoiding money payouts. 

AAJ alleges that Conseco pays out claims by exploiting the declining health of its policyholders. It argues that the company knows the policyholders will die if it waits too long to pay claims.”

Liberty Mutual

The company sought the help of the same consulting firm that State Farm and Allstate used to reduce costs, despite being better at denying and delaying claims than these other companies. 

In high-risk areas such as a hurricane- or flood-prone ones, they have abandoned and refused to renew contracts.


Unum has been accused of many bad-faith insurance practices and has a history of delaying and denying valid insurance claims. 

In fact, according to the AAJ report, some of Unum’s former employees have said that they had been ordered to deny valid claims to save the company money.


As it stands, CalPERS has suspended open enrollment in its long-term care program. However, you should know if they return to it (which is highly unlikely), they also face a class action lawsuit for their high rates and reduced benefits.

In just a few days, existing LTC customers were approved for a rate increase of 77%.

Additionally, they implemented 85% increases in 2015 and 2016, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit.


Even though AIG is one of the worst companies in the long-term care insurance industry, even after his dismissal, Martin Sullivan is still expected to earn at least $68,000,000.

Over the years, AIG has gotten away with mistreating its clients, despite being the largest insurer in the world.

A company executive has been accused of strategically raising prices during a catastrophe.

List of top-rated long-term care insurance companies.

We’ve narrowed the top-rated long-term care insurance companies to only 6. You’ll learn which ones offer the best long-term care policies, including the best insurance quotes.

  • Nationwide: Best for Customer Satisfaction.
  • Golden Care Insurance: Best for Comparing Multiple Providers.
  • Northwestern Mutual: Runner-up for Financial Stability.
  • Mutual of Omaha: Best for Discounts and flexibility
  • Transamerica: Best for the best rates and guaranteed rates
  • National Guardian Life: Best for couples

The benefits of long-term care insurance

Benefits of long term care insurance
  1. Long-term care insurance (LTCI) benefits the insured over the years rather than for a fixed amount.
  2. LTCI typically pays benefits for up to a specified number of years after the insured’s death, with coverage continuing until age 65 for most policies.
  3. LTCI provides coverage for the costs of long-term care associated with the activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, and other needs. LTCI can be purchased individually or as part of a group plan.
  4. The main advantages of LTCI are that the policyholder can choose how the benefits are paid, and there are no upfront costs associated with the policy.

How Much Does Long-term Care Insurance Cost?

Yearly premiums can run as low as $1,000 to around $10,000. It depends on many factors, including your current health, age, and the type of care you want to cover. Consider how much you can pay out-of-pocket over the next year or two.

Ideally, you should purchase long-term care insurance in your 50s or 40s. The health condition of the insured determines the premiums for long-term care policies.

Suppose you realize that you might not need LTC insurance anymore. Then, when you pass away, you can get your premiums back or leave your beneficiaries a tax-free death benefit of 216,000.


Final thought

The long-term care insurance market is growing at a rapid pace. However, as we move closer to 2023, knowing which companies are the worst in this industry is essential.

According to the data, the ten companies that will be the worst in the long-term care insurance industry are State Farm, New York Life, Genworth Financial, MassMutual, AARP Long-Term Care Insurance, Conseco, Liberty MutualUnum, CalPERS, and AIG. These companies have been consistently losing money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can insurance companies spy on you?

Insurance companies can spy on you in many ways. For example, they can use cameras, GPS tracking devices, and even phone taps to discover where and what you’re doing. They can use these methods to determine if you use your insurance correctly. 

How does the average person stay in long-term care?

The average person stays in long-term care due to an injury or illness that requires professional care.

The main reason for staying in long-term care is that people don’t want to return to their old homes and don’t want to move to another home. In addition, they want to be safe and comfortable. 

What is the minimum benefit period for long-term care?

Long-term care is a benefit paid for by insurance companies to cover services like nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care. 

The benefit period for long-term care is generally at least one year. However, some policies may cover benefits for up to five years.

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